330 Auto Navigation - Watch video clips

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Watch video clips

To watch video clips saved on the memory card, tap


in the

application menu screen.

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O p e r a t i o n


The application supports the mpeg-4, wmv, asf, mpg, and avi file
formats. However, the application does not necessarily support all the
variations of these formats.

To watch videos, you must first transfer the video files from the memory
card to the video playlist.

To manage the videos on the playlist, tap

in the video player screen.

The video playlist is displayed. In the video playlist screen, you can do
the following:

• To open a video, tap the up or down arrow to scroll through the

videos, tap the video that you want to watch, and tap


• To add a video, tap

, tap the folder where the video is saved

twice, and tap the video.

• To remove a video, tap the video and


• To return to the previous screen, tap


In the video player screen, you can do the following:

• To play the video or resume playing, tap

. To pause playing, tap

. To stop playing, tap


• To play the next or previous video, tap



• To view the video in full screen, tap

. To return to the normal

mode during playback, tap the screen.

• To adjust the volume, tap either speaker icon, or use the volume keys.

• To play all the videos on the playlist one by one, tap

. To return

to normal playing, tap


To close the player, tap