330 Auto Navigation - View photos

background image

View photos

To view images saved on the memory card, tap


in the application

menu screen.

The application supports the bmp and jpeg file formats. However, the
application does not necessarily support all the variations of these

To view an image, tap the folder where the image is saved, and tap the
desired image file twice, or tap the image and


In the image folder screen, you can do the following:

• To scroll through the displayed files or folders, tap the up or down


• To return to the previous folder, tap


• To return to the main folder, tap


In the image viewer screen, you can do the following:

• To view the next or previous image, tap the right or left arrow.

• To zoom in the image, tap

. To zoom out, tap


• To rotate the image, tap


• To return to the folder screen, tap


To view all the images in the selected folder one by one, tap

. To

return to normal playing, tap the screen.

To close the viewer, tap