330 Auto Navigation - Listen to music

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Listen to music

To play audio files saved on the memory card, tap


in the application

menu screen.

The application supports the mp3 and wma file formats. However, the
application does not necessarily support all the variations of these

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O p e r a t i o n


The navigation device has a stereo audio-out connector (6) for
compatible headphones with a 3.5-mm plug. The connector is
compatible with 32-ohm or higher impedance headphones.

To listen to music, you must first add music tracks from the memory
card to the track playlist.

Warning: Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is
in use, because the volume may be extremely loud.

To add tracks to the playlist, tap

in the player screen. A list of

sorting categories (for example,


) is displayed. In the playlist

screen, you can do the following:

• To update the playlist with new tracks on the memory card, tap


• To add a track to a folder of favorite tracks, tap a category and the

track, and tap

and the desired folder; to select several tracks,

tap the first track, and move your finger over the other tracks.

• To scroll through the track or category list, tap the up or down arrow.

• To return to the previous screen, tap


In the music player screen, you can do the following:

• To open a track, tap

. Tap a category, and tap the track twice, or

tap the track and


• To play the displayed track or pause or resume playing, tap

. To

stop playing, tap


Warning: Listen to music at a moderate level. Continuous
exposure to high volume may damage your hearing.

• To play the next or previous track within the same sorting group (for

example, album or music genre) as the displayed track, tap



• To scroll through the track, drag the slider at the top of the screen.

• To adjust the volume, tap either speaker icon, or use the volume keys.

• To play the current track continuously, tap

. To continuously

play the tracks of the sorting group, tap

. To play the tracks of

the sorting group once, tap


• To play the tracks in a random order, tap

. To play the tracks in

the normal order, tap



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O p e r a t i o n


• To set the timer to show the playing time or the remaining playing

time of the current track, tap the time.

• To close the player, tap