330 Auto Navigation - Mount the device

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Mount the device

Locate a safe mounting surface on the windshield, and clean the surface
thoroughly with a glass cleaner and a clean towel. If the ambient
temperature is below +15°C (60°F), carefully warm the surface and the
suction cup at the bottom of the mounting device to ensure a firm grip

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G e t s t a r t e d


on the windshield. Ensure that you do not heat the windshield
excessively to avoid damage to it.

Press the suction cup firmly on the windshield, and carefully push the
locking lever above the suction cup towards the suction cup to create a
vacuum between the suction cup and the windshield (1). Check that the
suction cup is firmly attached. If you want to detach the mounting
device from the windshield, carefully push the locking lever toward the
top of the mounting device, and pull the strap located on the edge of the
suction cup.

To attach the mobile holder to the mounting device, insert the catches
at the top of the mounting device into the slots on the mobile holder (2),
and slide the holder to lock it into place (3). For your safety, install the
holder in the upright position.

Place the navigation device into the mobile holder (4), and press the
device toward the back of the holder until the device clicks into place.
Ensure that the device screen is clearly visible for the user. If you want
to release the navigation device from the mobile holder, pull the device
from the holder.






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G e t s t a r t e d


To use the device for GPS navigation, lift the GPS antenna up to
approximately 90 degrees (5). Do not try to force the antenna open